Corporate events

Active training Jánošík

Training with us will bring you the fruit of knowledge and beautiful experiences.

Stay tuned in the inspirational Orava Mountains!

Teambuilding with a feast

You will forget all the stress and work while enjoying the beautiful nature. Come and join or reward your employees or business partners with a great event. Attractive entertainment activity - adventurous golf game at the price of an unbeatable package right here in our area! A special delicacy for dinner and relaxation in the Finnish sauna! Teambuilding full of experiences!

Energetic one-nighter

Long way? Fatigue? Stay with us and we will get you the energy necessary for your successful business.

Training rooms

The original wooden houses in Zázrivá are made both for formal and informal events of your company.

We offer you the opportunity to organize out-of-the-box meetings, trainings, semninars and teambuildings in Jánošíkov dvor. The capacity of the dayrooms is 8-10 people. There are dayrooms in wooden houses u Juraja, u Aničky a u Štefana.

We provide various types of leisure activities, such as the search for Jánošík's treasure, production of zázrivské korbáčiky (traditional cheese strings), manufacture of bells, pottery circle production, paintball, floating the Orava river, fujara (traditional instrument - shepherd's pipe) school and many more, tailored ones.

Special offers