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Turnkey teambuilding

Turnkey teambuilding



Workshop of making zázrivské korbáčiky - What you make is what you eat. A popular in-house teambuilding activity that starts with a demonstration of pulling cheese threads, continues with the participants getting involved in the activity and knitting a korbáčik, whose taste will not be easily forgotten by its maker, because he has honestly made it by himself.

Duration approx. 1 hour - 12 €/person

Rafting on the Orava River - short section 8.5 km - Párnica - Kraľovany - rafting lasts approx. 1.5 hours + transport

Duration approx. 2.5 hours - 22 €/person + transport 5 €

Rafting the Orava River- long section 16 km - Gäceľ - Kraľovany - rafting duration approx. 2.5 hours + transport

Duration approx. 3.5 hours - 32 €/person + transport 5 €

Zázrivský magorák - competition in teams starts at Jánošíkov dvor, from there 8 km by bicycles to Párnica, where participants board rafts and raft 8.5 km down the Orava river to Kraľovany. There they get back on the bikes and move 3 kilometres to the Bystrička valley and from there walk back to Jánošíkov dvor via Medziholie.

Duration approx. 5 hours - 58 €/person

Robbery ambush - The Robbery Squad will take care of the entertainment of the clients who will be part of the robbery games. Together with the robbers they will compete for Janosik's treasure. They will find out what brigand skills are close to their hearts and which ones they have not yet mastered enough.

Duration approx. up to 3 hours - € 1 640/10 - 20 persons

Basket weaving course - An experienced basket weaver will show the client how to weave their own mushroom basket and teach them where to collect the wicker, what types of willow are suitable for weaving and how to care for the basket weaving products.

Duration approx. up to 3 hours - 1 089 €/10 - 20 persons


Potters wheel - The client will be guided through the history of pottery, the entire making process and will be shown tricks that will reveal the simplicity yet complex technical difficulty of spinning. They will of course take their artwork home with them.

Duration approx. up to 3 hours - 730 €/10 - 20 persons


Málik Dynamik Institut Teambulding - non-traditional teambuilding aimed at triggering individual motivation and defining their needs through relaxation exercises, cooling down in ice water based on the Wim-Hof principle. All with the intention to make the team function as it should and define its needs.

A specific 2-day program under the guidance of coach Jirko Doležal, price from 3 640 €.

More information at:

+421 908 803 687


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