Our core values

11 + 1 company value

11 + 1 company value


We are uniquely positioned to give happiness.


  1. We excite, enchant and retain customers with quality products, service and communication - UNIQUENESS.
  2. We delight in new ideas and solutions and spare no praise.
  3. We give opportunities to talents - we involve them in projects.
  4. We are team-oriented, competitive and at the same time kind to each other.
  5. We enjoy customer satisfaction and we create it.
  6. We don't slavishly adopt habits, but constantly improve and simplify.
  7. We have the numbers in our head, that's when we can influence the outcome.
  8. We are demanding, we deliver fully completed work on time.
  9. We are a learning company, it's the only way we can be the best.
  10.  We are a brand and we take due pride in that, while remaining humble.
  11.  Failure empowers us to do our best - why despair.

+ 1We enrich our lives with play, we desire and we know how to win.

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