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1. Adventure golf in Zázrivá

1. Adventure golf in Zázrivá

Ideal fun for the whole family, corporate teambuilding or distraction with friends.

Adventure golf originates from North America. It's basically a mini golf course, but there are no typical minigolf obstacles. Adventure golf is played on artificial grass where players play freely during the game. Play is with golf balls, golf clubs or minigolf hammers.

Adventure golf rules

  • The playing area consists of 18 holes. Individual wells are numbered with serial numbers. The order of the holes must be respected. Wells are connected by walkways leading to the next hole in order.
  • Adventure Golf can be played by individuals or group players. The maximum recommended cast for one hole is 4 players.
  • In a group game, players are playing consecutively in order they determine in the beginning.
  • The main goal of the game is to get the ball with as few strikes to the hole as possible.
  • Playing a hole begins in the area in front of the brick walls where you can place the ball anywhere on the grass.
  • If the ball passes the course, it is returned back to the point where it left the track and the player adds one penalty point. In this case, the player can move the ball perpendicularly from the brick wall into a distance of 15cm (corresponding to the longer side of the score card).
  • In the case of the ball ending in a sand or water barrier, the player may continue to play from this obstacle or place the ball at 15cm from the edge of the obstacle at the point where the obstacle was played but get one penalty point.
  • If the balls ends up at a brick wall or one of the natural obstacles (stones, palisades), it is being transformed vertically from this obstacle into a distance of 15cm without losing points.

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