Continuing the tradition

Korbáčik Paradise in Jánošík´s dvor

The widest selection of delicious Zázrivá korbáčiky

With a unique Zázrivá recipe, we bring you delicious cheese korbáčiky and strings in collaboration with ALBO Ltd.

Our Zázrivá korbáčiky have held the EU trademark since 2011 and can only be produced in the village of Zázrivá. If you haven't tasted our products yet, we invite you to try them. Purchase the authentic taste of Zázrivá korbáčiky and enjoy their flavor anywhere!

An endless selection of korbáčiky awaits you. You can choose from non-smoked, smoked, spicy and other cheeses.

Come to Korbáčik Haven and taste the true flavor of Zázrivá korbáčiky!

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